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Why omniran research method

One method of quantitative research is Omni bus research, in which information is collected through telephone, face-to-face, or online interviews. In Omnibus, for each specific time period (eg weekly, monthly, etc.), a questionnaire with almost constant questions from a statistical sample representing the community in general and specific communities is surveyed. Every poll question is like a bus seat, companies can book a number for themselves. Each survey period is conducted on time and with questions from different companies arranged in a survey form. (Just like an intercity bus that runs at a fixed time, with a certain capacity and various passengers!!)


Rahbar Bazaar Marketing Research Company, a leader in innovative and online services, for the first time in Iran, has conducted a periodic research on Omnibus according to the online survey method called Omniran. It is now possible to use the infrastructure for all businesses according to this method. In this method, although the cost of an online survey period is divided between a number of businesses, but by keeping the information confidential, customers only receive a report of their order questions.

  • Omniran is done online by the Poller application (dedicated to Rahbar Bazaar).
  • Omniran runs every Wednesday.
  • Omniran results will be available to customers on Sundays.
  • The last opportunity to place an order (order a question) is on Monday every week, delayed requests will be transferred to the next week.
  • Statistical sample of 2000 people in 7 main cities of Iran: (Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Karaj)
  • Target group: the general public, people over 15 and with a smartphone.


Cost efficient

Omniran costs are divided between businesses according to the number of questions they order. Therefore, it is much less than customize researches.


The self-completeness of the Omniran questionnaire, which is activated weekly in the Poller app, eliminates the error of registering information.

time and space

In Omniran, respondents and members of the Poller application can answer the questionnaire to their liking at any time of the day or night where they have free time and anywhere.

statistical sample

The demographic composition of the people who respond to these surveys fits perfectly with the composition of the statistical population of the same cities or target.

intelligent control

Survey forms are prepared by Rahbar Bazaar form maker called Atlas. Atlas has countless capabilities. A variety of controls are provided to prevent accidental and intentional errors.

Reliable platform

Poller is an app used in Omniran that is approved by Google and is one of the selected applications in Cafe bazaar as well as Myket and has high security in protecting the information of the respondents.

Valid statistical sample

Coordination with the civil registration system will prevent fraudulent Fake respondents from entering or multiple memberships for a real person. Omniran ensures the authenticity of its respondents.

Recent surveys

Since in some Omniran courses, Rahbar Bazaar Company puts questions alongside the questions of other customers and asks people, so in this section and to acquaint you with the output format, the report of people's answers to those questions is shared. It is reminded that the results of custom questions are presented only to the customer in raw and analyzed form.


Can any business order a question?

Yes, any business that has questions from the general public can ask for it through amnesty.

Are respondents required to respond to all polls?

Obviously, there is no such obligation. They participate according to their free time and the level of interest in the survey. But of course there is a limit to the minimum participation.

What should be done if the audience of the questions is not the general public?

The Rahbar Bazaar has another solution for this purpose - in the Poller application, it is possible to select specific groups and conduct surveys of them at the request of customers easily and with the same speed and accuracy as the Omniran. Please contact Poller.

Are the results confidential?

Yes of course. The analyzed results and the answers to the questions of each customer are delivered only to the customer himself. It is possible to enter into a confidentiality agreement. The Rahbar Bazaar only publishes the questions that it adds to the questionnaire itself (when it is the one who orders it).

What questions can we ask?

You can order any kind of question that is addressed to the general public living in the main cities, questions about: product, advertising, distribution system, after-sales service, packaging, media, brand and purchase and consumption behavior, etc. . . .

How to order a question?

Omniran is confident in its quality, so to order a question, all you have to do is confirm its pre-invoice and it will be presented at the same time as the invoice results. So payment will be subject to your approval.

How are the costs?

The cost of each order is estimated based on the number of questions and the selection of different types of questions, but the minimum will be 1.5 million Tomans and the maximum will be X million Tomans. It will be added to the value added law.

Is it possible to ask one or more questions periodically?

Yes. Since respondents are randomly selected but with a relatively identical composition, it is easy to track market trends. Of course, it is recommended that if you make important decisions based on the trends formed, please consult the Rahbar Bazaar research manager for free before ordering.

What motivates respondents?

For each questionnaire, a special "Papasi" rating is added to the respondents' wallets, and they can easily buy from countless stores in major cities online or physically, and enjoy its unique discounts. People can also take part in monthly lotteries.

Are the respondents constant?

No. There is a flow in the database of respondents and new members are always added to it, and of course some of them are left out of this pool at their own discretion or based on their poor performance. So usually active and fresh members are present in the panel and different people respond to various polls.

How is the identity of the respondents confirmed?

All respondents will receive definitive awards from Omniran or other polls for passing the initial stages of membership and reaching a stage, and must provide their national code and other demographic information. The national code and their names are verified with the civil registration information.




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